The Tesla Motors Model 3 is a Sedan Worth $30,000

The latest Tesla Motors car sounds very promising, but it still has not been released yet. The Model 3 is not only the cheapest electric car to this day, but it is also the smallest. As a matter of fact, it has lived up to its reputation already.

Elon Musk has announced that the mileage estimate beats the ones from previous Tesla Motors models. Supposedly, each battery charge will last 215 miles. Even though the Model 3 is small, Elon made sure that certain changes are made, resulting in this car being able to accommodate five adult passengers with ease. Apparently, the driver and the person sitting beside them will feel as if they are sitting a little higher, which will allow the passengers of the back seat to stretch their legs as necessary. Additionally, the Model 3 makes use of a single, continuous glass pane, allowing more head room.

Once you accelerate the Model 3, it will go from 0 MPH to 60 MPH in the matter of just about six seconds. However, one can expect to see other versions of the Model 3, each of which will be faster than the original. All of these versions will see safety features, supercharging abilities, and even autopilot hardware.

Tesla Motors stated that it expects Model 3 to be their most prosperous car to date. As a matter of fact, Tesla will be unleashing 7200 Superchargers by the year 2017. Additionally, they will be launching about 15,000 Destination Chargers. Elon has promised to start production and distribution by the end of the year 2017. However, Tesla has missed a number of shipping dates in the past. Elon Musk was delighted to state that at least 115,000 of the Model 3 cars have been pre-booked online.


One thought on “The Tesla Motors Model 3 is a Sedan Worth $30,000

  1. I have ordered a model 3 could I HAVE AN IDEA about my ranking for the delivery of the car , and what king of electrical outlet do i have to get installed 220amp or more .


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