Tesla’s supercharger valets could be coming near you

Electric Cars would not run without electricity.  Just like our phones, electric cars need their charge too, which is why the term ‘Supercharger’ will appeal to you.  Tesla Motors has unveiled its new ‘Tesla Model 3’ electric car on Thursday evening and in the launch ceremony, CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk has announced a new and revolutionary promise of expanding the current Supercharger filling stations all over the world.  This is indeed a big announcement and Elon Musk also stated that the Supercharger network of stations will double all around the world by the end of the year 2017.  Currently, the number of these stations stands at around 613 in the world and as CEO of Tesla Motors; the vision of Elon Musk is to raise that number by approximately to 1,200 stations and 7,000 chargers all across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.  It is quite a challenge to both Tesla Motors and Elon Musk but it is one that he is confident he will overcome in the long run.  Musk also envisions expanding the number of destination chargers which owners of a Tesla Car can own for free and use it to charge their car for free anywhere, given that it has been charged beforehand.  He also set his eyes on his retail ventures around the world and plans to expand that base as well.  The Tesla Model 3 Electric car is set to arrive in late 2017 to the market and so, if the car becomes a success then people will need those extra Supercharger stations all across North America and all over the world to meet the demands.  The advantage the owners of Tesla electric cars have is access to more charging stations in those regions or areas in which they frequently travel to and where the cars have enjoyed popularity.  However, charging stations can be overcrowded and that is why Tesla Motors is launching a new service called the ‘Supercharger Valet Service’ on an experimental basis.  What this Valet service does is that designated ‘Charging Specialists’ are available in those stations as Valets to provide the driver with any help he/she needs.  When a driver of a Tesla electric car or any electric for that matter, arrives in the Supercharger station, the valet parks the car until a spot opens to charge and after which the car is pulled by the valet into the charging station and begins the charging process.  Tesla Motors is now employing these ‘Charging Specialists’ to become valets and manage the cars coming into the stations and help incoming drivers, manage their demands and taking feedback, educating customers on products and services and so forth.  Tesla Motors and Elon Musk even wants to take this initiative a step further and grow its charging network to provide more services and help to its customer base.  The ultimate goal is to one day, manufacture self-charging electric cars with self-autonomy to be able to charge on their won when pulled up to a charging station while the designated driver enjoys a sip of Latte or a break to stretch their legs.


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