Model X Test Drive Deemed ‘Incredible’ by Tesla Motors Analyst

Andrea James of Dougherty & Company LLC is reported to have said that Tesla Motors’ Model X seems quite great. This is the reason why she believes that all automobile enthusiasts, analysts and journalists will write up positive reviews on this vehicle.

James took the Model X for a test drive in Seattle during the time when Tesla was doing a two-month city tour. She stated that it is important to her that a car has sufficient space to store things such as grocery or items you need to carry from one place to another. According to James, there were four things that she noticed about the Model X:

  • There is an auto-pilot, which is first-class for drivers such as her.
  • The windshield, which makes the car appear more roomy and sunny, along with the sun roofs. James also mentioned that she adores the panoramic view.
  • The buying experience, which was not daunting, according to James. For instance, normal test drives leave potential buyers nervous, since they feel awkward to talk about what they did and did not like. However, that was not the case with the Model X, as per James’ words.
  • The exciting factor, is the fact that the car is compact and moves swiftly and gracefully.

When talking about the Model X in depth, Andrea James gushed about how perfect the test drive was. She noted and stated that the car drove at all speed limits with ease, always allowing her to keep a good distance from the car(s) ahead of her. Furthermore, James felt that she was receiving driving lessons, with the way the car ran so smoothly, being able to change lanes with such pace. All in all, Andrea James was highly satisfied with the nooks and crooks of the Model X.


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