Model 3 – Tesla’s Latest Offering

In terms of the new model which is being offered by Tesla, it is Model 3. If sources are to be believed, it is considered to be the next big thing in the automobile industry. It is also considered to be an “affordable” electric car. So for those of you who consider $35,000 to be affordable, they can definitely get in line to get their hands on this beauty.

Despite being slated for release in 2017, Model 3 has successfully garnering the required amount of attention, and more. The main reason for the popularity of this car is because of a combination of various factors. Under the Tesla Motors brand, it is considered to be the only car which is able to provide world class quality, safety, performance, and spaciousness. There are very few cars, or more specifically, sedans that has these benefits. In addition, this new model is also aims to fulfil the highest ratings in the safety category.

Thanks to its sleek design, this car has the ability to run as fast as 215 kph in less than a minute. According to Tesla Motors, Model 3 is their most important vehicle to date. And there is a very good reason behind this statement. Since this is an electric car, it is very important that it be made affordable, as the CEO, Elon Musk, has set a goal that the car be affordable to the masses rather than just specific groups of people. In addition, with the introduction of this car, they also want to make the concept of electric vehicles more widely accepted in the current society.

In other words, it is important to discuss the Model 3’s specs as well. At its market price, this car is definitely a bargain. It has also come a surprise, since Tesla has always targeted the affluent till now. A luxurious sedan has finally been introduced for the general masses, it is truly a big step for the company. That is why they are doing whatever they can to garner the attention of their target customers.

But Model 3 is not the only electric car which has been introduced in the market. There is another one by the name of Chevrolet Bolt. Despite having a similar price range, there is absolutely nothing that Elon Musk has to be worried about. This is because when it comes to describing the ideal package, Model 3 seems to do it in almost perfect terms. In addition, it also has a cachet, which the majority of automakers have failed to replicate.

Since the car will be launched in 2017, the pre-order process has already started. 180,000 vehicles have been pre-ordered to this day. So it remains to be seen how much popularity this car can generate.



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